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Welcome to Communicant Online Solutions Hampshire Based Web Designers - re hosted!

Web design and hosting from Communicant Online Solutions, based in Bishops Waltham Hampshire, serving the World.

Rather than waffle on about how good we could be, we invite you to browse our customer list below showing a selection of uniqely designed websites . We are a web design company based in Hampshire, but as you can see this does not limit our customer base. From your first steps onto the web to full blown web applications and everything in between we dont just claim we can do it, but can show you working examples of customers who have used our services. If you want more details then please use the icons on the left.
Wickham Beer Festival
Wickham Beer Festival customer since
08 October 2014
Alamo Property
I needed a website quickly. Communicant delivered in bucket loads!
A website designed to show the full range of this comapnys service in a great deal package!
Alamo Property customer since
25 January 2014
Run Riot Fitness
Getting the perception of freshness, fitness and fun packed into one active website.
Run Riot Fitness customer since
19 November 2013
The Anvil
A website designed to bring the character and uniqueness of this dining experience online…
The Anvil customer since
18 September 2013
GP Event Services Ltd
From zero to fully fledged website in just three days, reflecting the action and energy that this company works with.
GP Event Services Ltd customer since
18 September 2013
Pollys Flowers
When a floral designer approaches you for a website - you'll know your going to be able to design something which looks stunning!
Pollys Flowers customer since
05 February 2013
Beauty and Harmony
Thank you so much for the site it looks fantastic. I am really pleased!
This website not only encapsualtes the stylish service Ali provides, but also has neat online booking form too!
Beauty and Harmony customer since
09 November 2012
Labels Dress Agency
A fashionable design driven site for a very fashionable company!
Labels Dress Agency customer since
27 July 2012
First Exhibition Services Ltd
Really, really great work, very impressed! Tel: 02392 486 565
A company that needed global presence with a strong brand, FES wanted a powerful CMS system, impressive site with strong SEO - they got it!
First Exhibition Services Ltd customer since
19 June 2012
Maple Garden Services
I had clear ideas of how I wanted the site to look which Rikki made into a reality - great work!
A really great looking site, with strong SEO with added effects to make sure Richard gets found and his potential customers are impressed.
Maple Garden Services customer since
06 March 2012
Solent First Aid
In just two months this site was getting great enquiries and is online to pay for itself in 6 months!
Look what £150 buys - another great website with more whistles and bells than a circus pony!
Solent First Aid customer since
31 October 2011
DM Design
I had some clear ideas what I wanted from a website and Communicant took these and put them online!
Another great starter site created to get this business off the ground. With Danny's design skills the aethetics of the site are amazing!
DM Design customer since
15 July 2011
Randsavers Ltd
The South African Shop was looking for a flexible and professional bulk mailing solution. Communicant delivered!
Randsavers Ltd customer since
14 April 2011
Heart Cleaning
This website was designed really quickly but I cant believe how amazing it is. Communicant Rocks!
From start to finish this site took just two days, once we had the brand tied down everything fell neatly off it. Small but sweet!
Heart Cleaning customer since
23 September 2010
Happy Days Animal Care
A fun site which was surprisingly sophisticated and challenging to take from design to a launched website.
Happy Days Animal Care customer since
11 November 2009
After just one meeting Communicant developed a fantastic site responding to the requirements of INTSAR.
International Search & Rescue is a group of Fire Services who are dispatched to international incidents such as earthquakes and terrorist strikes. This website acts as a central portal for them all.
ISAR customer since
26 June 2009
Hamble Tyres
A lovely starter website for this local business, Hamble Tyres wanted a website which didn't look like a standard web selling company so instead we have developed this customer friendly design.
Hamble Tyres customer since
17 February 2009
USAR Logistics
Designed from concept to delivered product entirely by Communicant - fantastic!
Software we hope will never be used. This site is a product location and delivering application for UK Search and Rescue (Hampshire).
USAR Logistics customer since
05 September 2008
Charlie Locks Skincare
Great Service with a sincere attention to detail. Thanks for a great first year Communicant.
A new site which sells skin care products online, but skin care products of very high quality. The site design was entrusted to Communicant Online Solutions.
Charlie Locks Skincare customer since
15 July 2008
Warren Scaffolding Solutions
A starter web site designed by Communicant for this scaffolding company.
Warren Scaffolding Solutions customer since
14 March 2008
New Business Interiors
New Business Interiors new what they wanted and trusted Communicant Onlien Solutions to design and now develop their website.
New Business Interiors customer since
27 September 2007
Classic Charter Company
Rikki is a great web builder, I have used him for the last 5 years
Classic Charter Company customer since
08 December 2006
How do you present a psychologist on the web? Communicant online solutions designed this pretty and small website.
Eduk8 customer since
04 September 2006
Wilcox Partners
Originaly designed as a starter website, this site is now developed every year to reflect the companies growing portfolio.
Wilcox Partners customer since
02 December 2005
Retained Firefighters Union
An amazing social website, bringing members from all over Hampshire together.
The Hampshire RFU website is an online magazine for Hampshire Retained Firefighters with a monthly html email.
Retained Firefighters Union customer since
13 November 2004
Waterrail Roofing Services Ltd
We trust our whole marketing budget and strategy to Communicant with great results!
Following amazing success, Waterrail give Communicant all of their marketing budget for web site design and Search Engine Optimisation.
Waterrail Roofing Services Ltd customer since
14 September 2004
Bokke Foods
We have used Communicant for several years and heartily recommend their services!
We have not designed Bokke Foods website, but we do manage their online email campaign, sending thousands of targetted emails a month.
Bokke Foods customer since
31 August 2004
A high quality deli needs to trust its web design to a high quality web design company. This site includes a product content managemnt tool.
Barringtons customer since
07 May 2004
John Byrne Estate Agents
We have now designed John's website twice, this great site now allows John to manage all of his properties on line.
John Byrne Estate Agents customer since
27 February 2004
Acorn Tree Specialists
Just what we wanted - a small, effective website.
A starter website which gets this Bishops waltham Tree Surgeon a great web presence. The site was designed over many months to ensure the owners exacting standards!
Acorn Tree Specialists customer since
11 February 2004
Dek Graphics
Without fuss Rikki delivered a great site and I am very happy to refer him to anyone needing a website.
A Flash driven entry page takes you into this local print works.
Dek Graphics customer since
10 February 2004
Cynthia Tester Needlecraft
Communicant makes setting up a website a very easy process so we can concentrate on our business
A very pretty starter website which provides this company just the right web presence and email facilities.
Cynthia Tester Needlecraft customer since
23 January 2004
NM Property Finance
Rikki has handled all my IT needs for the last 7-years, I cannot recommend him highly enough.
NMProperty deals with projects worth millions of pounds. The web site design needs to reflect this high quality product - Communicant Online Solutions were trusted with the project.
NM Property Finance customer since
16 November 2002
Waltham Shutter Door Services Limited
We have been a customer of Rikki now for almost 10 years & have always recieved excellent service.
Waltham Shutter Doors - one of our oldest customers and web sites which still stands the test of time.
Waltham Shutter Door Services Limited customer since
26 October 2000
Well if we can't design our own site who will? The Communicant website is a stable of our clients - prooving the proof is in the pudding!
Communicant customer since
13 June 2000
Atkinsons Seafood Merchant
Delicious is a content managed website which promotes smoked food and includes a shopping cart which interacts with the back office.
Atkinsons Seafood Merchant customer since
01 May 2000
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