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Email Marketing

Stay In Touch With Your Customers with our email marketing solution.

Do you want to reach more people faster? Are you looking to create, manage and deliver low cost, high response email marketing campaigns? Communicant offers a complete and flexible software solution to add power to all your email marketing campaigns. Our powerful email software distils each and every email from your customer mailing list and personalises based on many different parameters to support your email marketing campaign.

Data Protection

Our whole system is built to observe all data protection rulings. Your customers can opt out of the list at any time and its self managing - they change their own details you just have a nice fresh mailing list to use whenever required. We also promote your newsletter to your site vistors throughout their browsing of the website harvesting as many visitors as possible.

Your Newsletter campaign

We make distributing your newsletter as easy as possible! First we design a template to suit your requirements and then you just send us a word document and images to add to the newsletter whenever required - we do all the technical stuff! Then, when approved we use your database (managed online by your customers) and send it to your clients.

How Often?

OK, the first thing we advise is dont promote a weekly newsletter - advise your clients your send a newsletter when you have something to sayY

Its Cost Effective

Once we have added your newsletter module to your website and designed the template its a very cheap way to communicate with your clients. Just £45.00 covers the cost of design and distribution irrespective of the numbers we send - the more the cheaper for you!
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